Tour Our Library

Welcome to our school library. 
Take a tour and get to know your way around.
We have an interesting selection of books for readers of all ages. 
 Questions ?  Ask Mrs. Dumas. 

All materials in the library are organized into different sections. Each book in the library has a call number that is printed on the spine of the book.  The call number provides information about where the book can be located in the library. 

[E] Easy/ Picture Books for Everyone
Picture books can be read and enjoyed by readers of all ages.  An [E] on the spine label indicates that the book is a picture book and is located in the Easy section of the library.  These books are shelved in alphabetical order according to the first three letters of the author's last name.

[F] Fiction Books
[F] on the spine of a book indicates that the book is fiction. These books are sometimes called novels. Fiction books are stories. They might be imaginary. They could also take place in a real setting and include some historical figures. Fiction books are arranged by alphabetical order according to the first three letters of the author's last name.

Nonfiction Books
Non-fiction books generally contain true information or facts. They are organized by the Dewey Decimal System which is a system used to classify and shelve books according to 10 basic categories. Use the signs above the shelves to help you find your way around the nonfiction books.

Levelled Books for Early Readers
We have a collection of levelled books for early readers. They range from books, at Level 1, that have just a few words on each page, to books, at Level 4, which are like a short chapter book. Many students read levelled books at our school. It is easy and quick to find a book, and there are many to choose from. Our youngest students find searching a basket of books, by flipping, easier than searching a shelf of books. 

Graphic Novels
Graphic novels are stories told in print and pictures; novels in comic-strip format. Don't be fooled by the word 'comic' because there is nothing simple about graphic novels. The story frames are varied, vocabulary is interesting, and the stories are complex. Graphic novels [GN] are an emerging genre that appeal to a wide range of students. Two favorite series are The Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi, and Babymouse by Jennifer and Matthew Holm. You'll find them in large plastic tubs below the windows at the back of the library. 

Reference Books & Materials
We have a variety of reference materials for use in the library. Reference materials include: encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries, thesauruses, and almanacs. Print materials are still good sources of reliable, accurate information. Using print reference along with electronic reference sources makes good sense.

We have a group of thirty mobile Apple MacBook laptop computers and thirty-five iPads to assist students and teachers research and create anywhere in the school. Computers are networked to a main server allowing access to educational software and the Internet.