February 10, 2016

Young Reader Book Awards @ Kent School

The books have arrived, the lists are out, and the readers are reading. What could be better?

'Our Best Books' is a student readers' choice award voted on by the students at Kent School. How does it work? 

There are 4 different book lists to read from; Picture Books, Short Fiction books (under 100 pages), Fiction, and Graphic Novels. Read at least 2 books on the list and you earn a vote for your favourite book. The most votes wins the 'Kent Best Book 2016' gold medal. The books are chosen for wide appeal, for a wide range of readers, and always include a Canadian author. 

The picture books are being read to primary classes by their teachers. They will be on reserve for staff during the month of February. Ask your child which books they are reading.

I wonder which books will win?
Mrs. Dumas