June 10, 2015

Thanks to Our Early Morning Readers

The Early Morning Readers program has finished for another year. Readers of all ages celebrated with a party in the school library on Tuesday morning. Think muffins, fresh fruit, and juice...add about 35 young student readers, a crew of grade six volunteers, and a handful of supportive, smiling seniors and you have it! 

Everyone was happy, everyone was smiling, and everyone left with a feeling of accomplishment for all of the extra reading that took place in the school library before classes all through the year under the careful coaching of a loyal group of volunteers and grade six buddy readers. A big thank you to all the big kids, little kids, and community volunteers who make this very worthwhile early literacy program work. We hope to see everyone back next year. 

All students in 
grades one to three are invited to join
the Early Morning Readers next fall !

What are you reading?
Mrs. Dumas