October 17, 2014

Terry Fox + Louis Braille = Heroes

Students at Kent Elementary School have been learning about two important heroes this week. Terry Fox, for his heroic run across Canada. Louis Braille for his heroic determination to invent the Braille alphabet for the blind. Both men showed determination, endured pain and suffering, and did something great for other people. Two great heroes ! 

After reading Terry's own words we learned about his character as a person. We could tell that he must have been an energetic and strong man. The grade 4 + 5 classes wrote messages of hope that could have encouraged Terry, and still encourage us today.

Louis Braille is a hero that we are all learning about. 
He is important to us because many of us are 
learning Braille this year. 
The Grade 2 + 3 students had 
a chance to type Braille letters. Very cool!
We hope to have some Braille books in 
the school library soon.

Take 20 minutes to read, today!
Mrs. Dumas