February 8, 2014

Gold Medal Reading @ Kent School

Let the games begin @ Sochi, Russia !
What do Olympic medals and books have in common ?
Book award medals...
Since 1922 books that are excellent, outstanding, distinctive, and loved by readers are awarded writing and illustration medals for excellence. Book awards come from many countries, and feature many different aspects of book publication. 

Children's book medals have been awarded since 1922. 
Newbery Medal (1922)
[US medal for best fiction] 
Caldecott Medal (1938)
[US medal for best illustration]

The Governor General’s Literary Awards (1936) 
known affectionately as “the GGs” 
 [Canada for children's literature and illustration]

Canadian Library Association Book of the Year Award (1947)
[Canada for best children's literature]

Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Illustrator's Award (1971)

[Canada for best children's illustration]

Marilyn Baillie Medal (2006)
[Canada medal for best illustrated picture book ]

Geoffrey Bilson Medal (1988)
 [Canada medal for Historical Fiction]

Norma Fleck Medal (1999)

[Canada medal for nonfiction]

 Monica Hughes Medal (2011)
[Canada medal for Science Fiction and Fantasy]

John Spray Medal (2011)
[Canada medal for mystery fiction]

Pacific Northwest Library Association 
Young Reader's Choice Award (1940)
[Best books chosen by kids from, Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, 
Idaho, Montana, Washington]
The Chocolate Lily Young Reader's Choice Awards (2002)
[British Columbia for best books chosen by kids from B.C.]

Best books for our students to read!
What are you reading?
Mrs. Dumas