January 1, 2014

I Thought of You

In his wonderful book

Igniting a Passion for Reading: Successful strategies for building lifetime readers by Steven L. Layne, the author invites teachers to take small practical steps to help their students become readers. If you haven't read this book do take a slow, and careful read. You will not be disappointed. It is packed full of funny, thoughtful, and 'ready to try' ways of inviting students into the reading world. It is a journey of sharing books, talking about books, and building class community around books.  As we get to know our students as readers; their interests, their favorites, their book lists, we can make  book suggestions and choices for class work and individual reading. As a teacher librarian his words come back to me when I am selecting books for the library...."I thought of you when I found this book".

How powerful is that ! When I was book shopping today, I thought of some of our readers. Can't wait to share the new books with them.  

Can't resist a bookstore.

Can you? 
Mrs. Dumas