October 7, 2013

Summit 3 : When Vulnerable Readers Thrive

October 7 & 8  : Summit #3 When Vulnerable Readers Thrive: Dreams Come True ,Vancouver, BC.

Schedule Day 1 
Keynote - Intervention Theory and Strategies : Dr. Richard Allington, University of Tennessee
Tracking Early Literacy Skills : Clara Sulz and Donna Kozak, School District 23
Essential Literacy Skills in a Play-Based Environment : Dr. Janet Mort, Vancouver Island University
Follow-up to Keynote : Dialogue with Dr. Richard Allington & Donna Kozak

This week I am participating in a two day summit presented by key researchers in the field of reading education. The goal for these three summits is to bring together the key researchers in the field to share their findings, their synthesis of researchers' work on the topic, a demonstration of what is and can be done to formulate district and school plans of action, and a confirmation of the vital role classroom teachers play in  reading education. 
Our goal ? 
All students reading by grade 3. 
Can it be done? 

We're learning how to make this goal a reality and bringing the message and skills home to Kent School. 

What are you reading?
Mrs. Dumas
P.S. I'm reading Newton and the Giant.