October 8, 2013

Day 2 @ Vancouver Summit

Summit #3, Vancouver : When Vulnerable Readers Thrive : Dreams Come True

Day 2

Keynote am - Kindergarten Literacy and Summer Literacy Programs : Dr. Anne McGill-Franzen, University of Tennessee
Collaborative Planning : Terry Beaudry & Clara Sulz, SD23, Kelowna, BC
Keynote pm - Calm, Alert, and Learning : Dr. Stuart Shanker and Mike McKay, York University and SD 36, Surrey, BC

Big Ideas….

"Start Early / Change Lives"
Canadian Self-Regulation Initiative

Did you know that Canada has a rich history of scientific research around brain science and self-regulation? Did you know that Canada, and UBC in particular, is a world-class centre for brain research and educational application? Did you know that Stuart Shanker and Mike McKay are world leaders in the area of self-regulation? 
Do you know what self-regulation is? 

What are you reading?
Mrs. Dumas