May 24, 2013

Library Mouse + Tiny Books

This week our primary students have been reading Library Mouse, by Daniel Kirk. This lovely picture book tells the story of a tiny mouse...
... that lives in a hole under a shelf of books at the library. While library visitors work and read in the library, Library Mouse sleeps, to awaken at night when everyone has gone home. All night long Library Mouse reads and reads and reads. His little head is so filled with stories and ideas that he decides to write his own tiny books which he leaves on the bookshelves around the library for the library visitors to find. Great story. Great fun. The children from kindergarten and grade one have started to make their own tiny books which you just might find on our library shelves next time you visit the Kent School library. A special thanks to Anthony for bringing his tiny book about volcanos in to the library today.
What did you read today?
Mrs. Dumas