April 8, 2013

The V.I.P. Readers are Here !

The V.I.P. Readers are in the building !
Dr. Nelson is reading in the library to the grade 3, 4, and Ks. RCMP Constable Scott is reading to the grade 2, 3 and 4 classes. Mrs. Graham, the principal at AESS, is reading to the grade 4, 5 and 6 classes. Mrs. McRae, grandmother to one of our students, is reading to the grade 1 and K classes. A big thank you to all the VIP Readers !
V.I.P. Reader   Mrs McRae 
V.I.P. Reader   Constable Scott 
V.I.P. Reader   Mrs. Grahm, Principal @AESS
V.I.P. Reader      Dr. Karen Nelson, Superintendent of Schools SD78
Student greeters Aidan, Nicholas, Matthew, and Brayden are assisting. Thanks, fellas!

Reading aloud is a great way to share books and stories.

What did you read today?
Mrs. Dumas