February 23, 2013

Pokemon Junior Big in Grades 2 + 3

The Pokemon Junior series has been a big hit in Mrs. Cardinal's grade two and three class. The problem was that this great little series of books for young readers is no longer in print. What to do? Start scouring the used book stores. Eureka! The Bookman, Chilliwack saves the day! On my most recent visit to this little 'gem' of a store I found a stack of them. I bought every single book they had. The books are on 'special hold' for Mrs. Cardinal's class, for one month. The students were thrilled. You will find them in a basket at the circulation desk, but, HANDS OFF!! (until the end of March). It was great to see two of our school families at the bookstore. 
What did you read today?
Mrs. Dumas