January 8, 2013

Reading Romanian @ the Kent School Library

Today a student brought a book into the library that was written in Romanian. That was interesting, but what was amazing was that she could read it !! Yes, she could read a book in a second language. I asked her if she would like to find some other books written in this language and she said yes.

We sat down at the computer and entered the International Children's Digital Library web site. We surfed around a bit and found a collection of books and watched as she connected with books from across the world. That was a moment to remember ! 

You might want to check out this cool site, too, even if you can't read in another language. There is so much to see in English and it is fun to see the illustrations done by artists from around the world. The simplest way to search is to click on READ BOOKS on the tool bar that runs across the top of the web page. Then do a Simple Search or choose one of the other buttons that interest you. What languages can you read? What languages would you like to learn?

Take a look, you just might find something wonderful.

What did you read today ?
Mrs. Dumas