January 29, 2013

Inquiring Minds

The grade 5 & 6 students in Mrs. Peters' class began an inquiry project today. They have the questions, they have the information sources, and they have the methods of searching for answers. They also have some choices about how they want to create their project; how they want to use technology to share what they learned. This project is a joint effort between the classroom teacher and the school teacher librarian. It's called collaboration. We worked together to design a project which would teach important inquiry skills, build in various challenges for all learners, and allow for creative choice for presentation. If you want to take a look at their inquiry page, click on the tab at the top bar of the blog page [ GR 5&6 Railway Inquiry]. 

One cool aspect of this project is how we tried to moderate the internet for students by creating hyperlinks to web sites that have been previewed for accuracy, suitability, and grade level reading. The page also gives student project access from home, which is always good. 

My personal question for this inquiry is, "Does providing students with hyperlinks to quality web site information increase the chances for more students completing the project at a high level?

I know what I read today.
Mrs. Dumas