January 8, 2013

Flags of the World

For about a month a group of students from our school have taken an interest in the various country flags from around the world. They would sign out books filled with colourful pictures of flags and make their own flags on paper. Do you know how many flags a determined group of students can make in one month? 
Quite a few !
We got to talking and wondered if we could find a place in the library to hang the flags they had made and show others what they had done. Today we set up a clothesline with pegs and the kids got busy hanging up the flags. They really did a great job.
 The flags look great ! 
By the way, do you know what the flag from Sweden looks like? Or the flag from Norway? Or the flag from Japan? If you are wondering where the books about flags are kept in the library look at 929 on the nonfiction wall. We have quite a few Thanks to the 'flag crew' from Ms. Exley's class. I wonder what they will learn about next?

What did you read today?
Mrs. Dumas