December 3, 2012

Reading Coach

Sometimes parents and grandparents wonder how they should help their youngster read. They want to know how to coach them as they are learning to read aloud. Here are a few tips that might help....

  1. Have fun. Show your excitement for the story. Relax ! Sit side by side. 
  2. Take 'a picture walk' through the book before reading. Taking a little time to look at pictures, seeing if there is a photo of the author on the back, and thinking aloud about what you think the story might be about all help to 'set the stage' for the story itself. Posing a question helps to set a purpose for reading. "Let's find out" becomes your shared goal. 
  3. If the story is illustrated, as most stories for young readers are, look at the picture first.
  4. If your young reader is able to read the words then let them do that. Encourage them to track the words by running their finger below each word as they read. This simple action confirms the print to word connection and challenges your child to read the author's message as written.
  5. If your young reader is not able to read the words, then your task is to support them from where they are. If they can't read the words yet they may be able to predict the word by looking at the first letter sound, and make a prediction based on the picture and letter clues. 
  6. Some young readers may be able to sound out, or 'blend' letter sounds together.
  7. If not, then the adult can read a line of the story and have the child repeat the sentence. Repeated reading is a very simple way to support young readers. 
  8. Be patient. Encourage your child's effort. 
  9. Read together every day. 
  10. Keep reading aloud to your child, even when they can read for themselves. It builds vocabulary and a love of books. 

What are you reading?
Mrs. Dumas