December 22, 2012

Heritage Fair 2013

Heritage Fair 2013
Students from our school have been invited to participate in the Fraser Valley Regional Heritage Fair. This event is open to all elementary and middle school students, grades 4-10, from Hope, Chilliwack, Agassiz, Mission, Maple Ridge, Langley and Abbotsford.

Last year there were over 800 students participating at the school level, 144 students participating at the regional level, and five students selected to participate at the provincial level. The Heritage Fair Program has been successfully engaging students in research and inquiry since 2003. 
The Heritage Fair Program gives students an opportunity to…
  •  explore Canada’s rich heritage and pick a topic of their choice to present and display
  • learn to research, explore, communicate, and build literacy skills
  • make connections between the past and the present
  • celebrate cultural diversity strengthening their appreciation of Canadian heritage
  • find their place in history
  • participate in a different learning environment
  • share their oral, written, and creative talents

Our school Heritage Fair will be held at Kent School in late February or early March. The Regional Heritage Fair will be held at the Abbotsford Tradex Building on April 9th & 10th, 2013. 
The first step is to select a topic of interest.  Choosing a topic is important.

Getting Started
Choose a topic that you are interested in.   
What am I interested in? 

Sports?  Music?  Family History? Inventions? Farming? Artists? Writers? Disasters? Technology? Historic Events?, Military?, Dinosaurs?, Drama? Interesting Places in Canada? Canadian Icons? Food? National Parks? Canadian Festivals? Interesting Historical Objects? Family Heirlooms? Fashion & Clothing? Communication? Ecology? Recreation? Transportation? Hobbies & Pastimes? Canadian Catalogs? Family Photographs? Heritage Conservation? 

Take time to think about a topic. Read a little, look online, and talk with your family before choosing your topic. Once you have chosen a topic, develop 3 BIG questions you want to answer. Your questions will guide your research.  Need help?  ASK!

Required Components (all of these components will be taught in January. Do not start yet.)
1. Written component 
2. Written Summary 
3. Creative component 
3. Bibliography of Works Cited 
4. Additional artifacts
See this online teacher’s manual for a very clear explanation of these… 
Web sites to get you thinking(click on the green links)
BC Heritage Digital Collection : A collection of British Columbia Heritage resources useful to teachers, students, and history enthusiasts of any age. A website collection. 

BC Heritage Fairs      

Historica-Dominion Institute       

The List : 101 Things Canadians Should Know About Canada

British Columbia Heritage Online

Instruction for inquiry and research will begin in January. 
Please have your topic ready. 

What did you read today ?
Mrs. Dumas
I hope you get a book for Christmas.