November 12, 2012

Kent School Library Hosts CR4YR Workshop

Teaching young children to read is a complex task which district teachers work at every day. Last spring the BC Ministry of Education embarked on an ambitious project called 'Changing Results For Young Readers' = CR4YR. (Click on coloured text and check out the web site for a closer look at the project). The three goals are:

  • to increase the number of engaged and successful young  readers in BC (grades K-3)
  • to support learners to be proficient readers and most importantly, experience the joy of reading
  • to elevate the conversation around reading, develop solid evidence-based instructional practice, and share our success stories

Across the province there are 60 sites where district teachers are meeting to develop their teaching skills, to build connections with eminent researchers in the provincial and national education scene, and develop action research projects with students they teach. Every teacher participating in this project will develop an inquiry project to improve results for one child they teach. What we learn through this project will benefit the child, the class and the school community. 

Volunteer teachers will meet 7 times during the school year at Kent Elementary School. Brenda Lightburn, from the Mission School District,  is our district facilitator. She will meet with our district primary teachers and guide them through their individual inquiry projects following a structure that will focus the group, provide a project update, allow time for individual project work, and focus the continuing commitment of the volunteer participants. We had our first meeting in early November and will meet again on December 10. We've made a start. 
What are you reading?
Mrs. Dumas