October 28, 2012

When Reading is a Struggle

We talk about the joy of reading, but is there joy when learning to read is a struggle?  Dyslexia is a 
language-based reading disability which interferes with the child's ability to learn and process language. 
Dyslexia is not caused by low intelligence, but rather a mind that learns in a different way. An interesting development in the world of computers, online reading, and word processing is the 'Open-dyslexia font' developed by British mobile app designer Abelardo Gonzalez, who claims that the weighted letters, shape and tilt of the letters will help readers with dyslexia to read and follow text more easily.

Others are more cautious claiming that readers with dyslexia become more skillful through the hard work of reading practice and specially developed, multi-sensory programs that train them in the skills that don't come naturally. It's hard work. It takes time. Will this new font style help? I'll be trying it this week. 
I hope you can read this.
Mrs. Dumas