October 14, 2012

Teachers Promote Reading by ReadAlouds

What happens 
when kids really love to read ? 
They read ! 

What happens 
when kids just can't stop reading ?
They read more !

What happens 
when teachers read books to their students ? 
What happens when the kids love the books ?
They read more and more ! 

Last year Mrs. Smith started reading 
A Series of Unfortunate Events 
to her students and a curious thing happened.
The kids loved the books, so the teacher read more, and more, and more. 
Then the kids started signing out the books from the library. 
Then the books started falling apart.

Wonderful !!

This fall one of those kids took it upon himself to amend the situation. He went to a used book store and bought some of the series, which wasn't an unfortunate event, and donated them to the school library. 
A singularly fortunate event !
Thanks, Phillip.

What are you reading?
Mrs. Dumas