March 17, 2012

Kent Welcomes B.C. Author Julie Lawson

B.C. author Julie Lawson came to Kent School this week to talk to our students about writing and reading, and to share her books.  Julie has written 30 books ranging from picture books for young readers to fiction for teens. She has been visiting schools for twenty years, and estimates that she may have visited 1000 schools. 
Her most recent book, Ghosts of the Titanic, published by Scholastic (2011), is described on her web site...
"Twelve-year-old Kevin Messenger finds himself caught up in a century-old mystery involving a ghost, an unexpected inheritance and the sinking of the Titanic. Someone, somewhere, needs his help."   We have 2 copies in the library.
Julie made three presentations to our students, giving us a 'behind the scenes' view of what it is like to write a book. She talked about messy writing drafts, editing to make your writing better, researching important details, finding ideas for writing, working with a publisher, and sharing her published books. 
Emma and the Silk Train
Researching at the Royal BC Museum, Victoria B.C.
Nonfiction writing for DEAR Canada series
Questions for Julie Lawson
Just what was the 'silk train' ? Do you know ?
Chatting with our visiting author
A big thank you to our PAC for supporting our 'For the Love of Books' literacy initiative and for $financing$ our author visit. What a terrific success !!

We have a very good collection of Julie Lawson's books in our school library collection. Next time you are in the library take a look. 
Happy reading !
Mrs. Dumas