February 22, 2012

What Will Our Students Be Reading Next ?

Students from Ms.Exley's and Mrs. Gallamore's classes were searching the library for books they will read someday soon. We call it 'book shopping' and much like book-store shopping our young readers kept track of their future reads by recording titles and authors on their Someday Reading List. 

We also learned how to preview books by reading the jacket summary, the author information, and the reviews that are often provided. These simple skills help young readers become more confident and independent when making book choices. 
These two boys found books about ocean life and sea animals. 

Looking at book covers helps young readers make book choice. 

We bought a lot of new books this year. 

Write down the title of the book and the author's name. 

Clipboards help us write our 'Someday Reading List'.

Students and teachers talk about authors and illustrators.  
We are all readers :)

So what are you reading next ?

Happy reading ! 
Mrs. Dumas