February 17, 2012

VIP Readers @ Kent Elementary School

Today was our third and final visit from local 'VIP Readers' who came into the school to read to our students. Students and staff enjoyed the variety of stories, the talk about books, and the fun of being read to.

Mr. John VanLaerhoven - Mayor, District of Kent : Reading about hockey and a funny animal 'farm team'.

Mrs. Roxanne Watson - High School Teacher and Past Principal of Kent Elementary School : Sharing books with exceptional illustration and artistry. Where are the paints ?
Mr. Chris Wejr - Principal, Kent Elementary School : Reading about survival on the high seas.
Thanks to all of our community 'VIP Readers' who came to our school to read aloud to our students.

'For the Love of Books'
continues with a full schedule of fun, book-related events for next week...
Monday - afternoon 'read in' with all grades - bring your book!
Tuesday - this year's new books in the library - find your next read !
Wednesday - 'techno petting zoo' [GR 4-6] how to load FVRL ebooks 
Thursday - ebooks for our primary students - FVRL BookFlix
Friday - read with a buddy & character dress up day

Happy reading !
Mrs. Dumas