February 25, 2012

'Techno Petting Zoo' Arrives @ Kent

'For the Love of Books' continues at Kent School with a closer look at how technology supports all kinds of reading. Have you ever wondered how to get an eBook ? or what it's like to read a book on an electronic device ?  We were wondering too, so we signed up for the FVRL 'Techno Petting Zoo' workshop. It's pretty easy !

There were no lions, tigers, or bears in the school library on Wednesday afternoon, but there were a lot of young readers, teachers, and parents all eager to learn how to access free ebooks and audiobooks from the Fraser Valley Regional Library. Yes, it's free with your library card [and that's free, too]. 

FVRL - Agassiz Branch supervisor Terrill Scott delivered a helpful workshop to our intermediate students and their teachers, guiding us through the steps of accessing, requesting, downloading, and reading an eBook or audiobook from British Columbia Libraries to Go.  Thanks, Terrill.  
Terrill showed us how ebooks and audiobooks can be delivered via the FVRL web site to a variety of electronic devices. Our students couldn't wait to get their hands on the iPad, iPod, smart phone, and ebook readers. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Turner for loaning us their Kobo eReader to 'play around with' for the week.  Mrs. Dumas is reading Lois Peterson's book, The Ballad of Knuckles McGraw on the Kobo and Mr. Gallamore's students are reading the same book on an iPad. 

Well, even if there were no lions, tigers, or bears in the school library we still had a roaring good time. Thanks, Terrill, for the workshop and all the great prizes and books which you brought for the kids. 
Happy eReading !
Mrs. Dumas