February 15, 2012

More VIP Readers @ Kent School

Today was day #2 for VIP Readers @ Kent Elementary School. 
Who were these community VIPs ?

Mr. Al Fraser - School Trustee, School District #78 : Sharing stories about Australia. 
Did you see that boomerang ? What does 'down under' mean ?
Did you know that Bob Penner won an Olympic gold medal in Sydney, Australia ?

Mr. Ron Johnstone - School Board Chairperson, School District #78 : Reading to the primary students. 
Did you know that some books have music and sing-along parts ?

Mr. Holger Schwichtenberg - Councillor, District of Kent : Reading about wild animals.
What can happen when wild animals and people interact ? 
Have you ever encountered a wild animal ?

A big thank you to our VIP Readers ! Thanks for sharing your love of reading ! 
Happy reading !
Mrs. Dumas