January 2, 2012

Books New and Old @ the Bookman

Many of our students will have been given books for Christmas. Lucky kids ! 
Whether books to read themselves or to share with parents books make a lovely gift. Did you know that the Fraser Valley is served by a unique and affordable alternative for book purchasing ? The Bookman, on Wellington Avenue in 'old' Chilliwack, is worth a visit if you have never been there. They offer a wide range of books and have quite a big collection of used books for all ages. 
Shoppers can buy books outright, or trade in their own used books for book credits which can be banked for later shopping. The book credits can be used for a percentage of new book purchases. Kent School Library has an account, so if you or someone you know would like to dedicate book credits to our account go ahead. Please and Thank You ! 

We were recently gifted $100.00 worth of book credits and used them to buy Nancy Drew books for our avid mystery book readers. 

Take a look at The Bookman web site. 
Happy Reading !
Mrs. Dumas