December 12, 2011

Students Present Research Projects

Students in Ms. Home's grade 1 + 2 class were proud to present their Ocean Animals projects in the Kent School library this week.  Each student chose an animal, from the ocean habitat, to learn about; they worked hard, learned a great deal, and were ready to share their learning. Take a look at the slideshow of student presentations on the right side of this blog page. Congratulations to all the children who worked so hard on their research. 

Student research, sometimes referred to as inquiry, is a very important part of 21st century learning. Knowing how to formulate questions, seek accurate and relevant information, pull information together into a final product, present what has been learned, and reflect on the learning and process of research are key features of research in the information age we live in. 

The British Columbia Teacher Librarians' Association has recently published a new graphic to accompany their student research model called, 'The Points of Inquiry'. The model is used to teach children how to plan, investigate, and create a research project. In a world saturated with information, we need to be information literate. Through research and inquiry our students learn to....

1. Connect & Wonder =  make connections to the world around them by thinking about what they already know about a topic, ask questions related to the topic, choose questions and topics of study which interests them

2. Investigate = locate and select information  which is relevant to their topic and written at their level. They learn the difference between fact and fiction, learn how to read non-fiction texts, and use technology where appropriate

3. Construct = organize their information into a presentation format, consider their audience, and use creative technology tools

4. Express = share their learning with small and large audiences, using a variety of formats 

5. Reflect = think about what did and did not work in their research, express what they learned, apply what worked in future inquiries, and  celebrate their successes

Students at Kent School are learning how to research important questions and become information literate. 

Happy non-fiction reading !
Mrs. Dumas