December 6, 2011

Questions Foster Curiosity and Wonder

Young learners are curious about the world around them. They have questions about the natural world and about the people they meet. They wonder about the way we live in Canada and how other people around the world live.

Who hasn't met a child who is always asking question ?  Questions provide a window into the child's thinking and can roadmap a wonderful journey of learning for children and parents alike. A prominent researcher in the field of childhood autism explained how her young child was curious about asphalt, and so the family embarked on a journey of becoming experts on road construction, building materials, and asphalt. Childhood curiosity can become a springboard to learning in amazing and unexpected ways.
Edison, the famous inventor, was expelled from elementary school for asking too many questions. Go figure !

What is your child curious about ? 

What questions is he asking ? 

What personal interests is she showing ?

The library has a great collection of information books on many topics: crafts,  bridge building,  hockey superstars, Vikings, mythology, military history, cooking...   

Drop by the library and see what books we have to help answer the questions your child is asking. Parents can set up a family library card to sign out books from the school library. The FVRL, Agassiz branch, also has a great collection of information books on a wide range of topics.

Kids have questions. Will you help them find answers ?

Happy Reading !
Mrs. Dumas