December 21, 2011

Christmas Holiday Reading

What are you reading during the holiday ? 
Post the titles you are reading in the comment box and we can build a 'Holiday Reading List' to share.  
Happy Reading !
Mrs. Dumas
PS Read the comments below to see what other holiday readers are reading. Thanks for sharing. 
I must admit I am reading 3 books this week; War Horse, by Michael Morpurgo; Fish, by Gregory Mone; and Canada From Above: A Photo Journey, by Canadian author Heather Patterson. Plus I have a small pile of books on the kitchen counter that I might read next week. The movie version of War Horse is coming out in theatres this coming week so I want to be ready for that. Canada From Above is an amazing collection of high arial photos of Canada. I hope to use it with our grade three classes in January. Mrs. D