October 22, 2011

D.E.A.R. = Drop Everything And Read

Join us on Monday, October 24th @ 11:00am as we D.E.A.R. 


VICTORIA--On Monday, October 24, 2011, the British Columbia Teacher-Librarians’ Association (BCTLA) hopes that you will join them to…DROP EVERYTHING AND READ!

Through its annual support of National School Library Day, the BCTLA wants all British Columbians to celebrate the joy of reading and the power of literacy by joining them to read for twenty minutes (officially from 11:00-11:20 a.m. but any time is a great time!). Last year, over 45 000 students and teachers joined several MLAs and local officials from around the province to drop what they were doing to spend time just…reading.

For many rural communities in British Columbia, the local school library is often the only library that their students have access to on a regular basis. Sadly, many of these rural (and several urban) school libraries offer limited access (i.e. one morning a week), are not staffed by a trained teacher-librarian, and/or possess an outdated and unattractive collection of materials for youth. While continuing its advocacy for BC school libraries, the BCTLA has formal requested that the government officially recognize the fourth Monday of every October as ‘BC School Library Day’ in order to bring a greater public awareness to the plight of the school library in the province.

This year, the Minister of Education, and several high-profile MLAs, including Carole James, will be participating in the DEAR Challenge on Monday, October 24th. We hope you’ll take a moment from your busy day and join us, too!

For more information about the DEAR challenge, you can visit our official website athttp://dropeverythingandreadbc.ca, find us on Facebook (DROP Everything and READ), follow us on Twitter (@BCTLA_DEAR
) or contact BCTLA VP (Advocacy), Jeff Yasinchuk (yasinchuk@hotmail.com).

British Columbia Teacher-Librarians’ Association, 2011
Heather Daly
BCTLA President
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Celebrate reading by joining other BC readers for our annual 'Drop Everything And Read' event.  All readers are welcome to gather in our school library with a book of their choice for 20 minutes of reading, on Monday, October 24 @ 11:00am. See you there. 

Happy Reading !
Mrs. Dumas